Andeline Collection


Andeline Collection


Andeline Collection

Recycled leather veneer - RLV™ made from pulverized leather fibers extracted from car seat and leather tanneries. Exceptional combination of elegance, sustainability, and durability for wall, ceiling, and furniture applications. The recycled leather thickness is comparable to veneers and laminates at 0.8 mm or 1/32"; ideal for manufacturing and panel applications.

Available in sheets, rolls, or laminated panels in 4'x 8' size. Select from Recycled Leather Veneers - RLV™ in:

RLV™ Sheets
RLV™ Panels
RLV™ Rolls

4' x 8' x 0.8 mm sheets
4 mm - 4' x 8' double sided
54" x 55 yards
Custom sizes
1/4" - 4' x 8' double sided
Max: 54" x 12'
3/4" - panels
Any leather color / style
Custom sizes & finish

Apply and maintain the same manner as wood veneers. Always finish panels or edges with regular edge banding or a trim piece to protect the edge.

Our Andeline Collection Recycled Leather offers the following advantages:

  • Suitable for walls, casework, cabinets, ceiling and furniture applications;

  • Great durability for light commercial, institutional, and residential environments;

  • Unique abrasion resistance properties & resilience - a hallmark of EcoDomo leathers;

  • Exceptional value, yield, and diversity of applications for designers and manufacturers;

  • Multiple custom options for texture, thickness and finishes - we will match your leather swatches.

Available Textures

The Andeline Collection comes standard with a  buffalo embossing replicating hair grains, fat wrinkles, and naturally, with a 70% leather content,  has the feel of leather. The collection can be embossed in the same manner as leather hides in any color. 


Custom Sizes & Thicknesses Available

The Andeline Collection was designed to be tailored to your needs for production and efficiency on the job site or in manufacturing environments. We can do custom sizes for a range of applications with the product in sheets, tiles, and laminated panels. We are able to mix and match leather finishes across collections or you can specify a match to your own leather swatch.

Custom colors and textures available. 

Architecture & LEED Specifications PDF

Installation Guide

Panel Installation Guide