EcoDomo will work with your company to develop creative solutions and innovative applications of leather.  We have a unique combination of expertise in leather surfacing, design, and manufacturing applications as our experience has grown for nearly a decade through worldwide challenging installations and projects.     We welcome designers to submit enquiries in what can done with specialty applications for their project. 

With regards to the development of new lines, we qualify each opportunity based on the level of experience in the marketplace of the partner, the sales potential through existing distribution systems,  the level of difficulty to realize the product, and the commitments made by all parties.


Product Development:  Leather Shelves

Creative Product Design Program  - Leather Shelves.jpg

Product Development: Leather wrapped moldings and chair rails

Product Development: Leather Chairmats

Product Development:  Toilet Seats – The Royal Throne Collection

Product Development - Toilet Seat.jpg

Designer Creation: Fifty feet leather wrapped bar top manufactured by Ecodomo  - Chicago Restaurant