All EcoDomo leathers are available laminated onto panels made of MDF or plywood. Use our RLV™ laminated panels in manufacturing as any other laminated sheet. We laminate at our own facility with a press on the appropriate substrate for your application. You can choose any of the following services from us in addition to the leather:

-         Lamination on MDF, plywood, or other substrates up to a maximum size of 4’x8’ x 1”;

-         Cutting to size panels for ceilings, in-lay tiles, or wainscot;

-         Wrapping moldings, hand rails  & shelves with leather;

-         Wrapping and laminating entire pieces of furniture such as desks, counters, or bars. 


We stock a unique 2.3 mm thick MDF which allows us to make RLV™ leather panels the same thickness as glass. These panels are used easily as components for designers and manufacturers in doors, cabinetry, or specialty applications.

Laminated leathers over MDF panels are easy to install and can be applied like an acoustical tile;