EcoDomo’s Phoenix Collection is entirely made of used leather belts which have been collected from second hand stores and donations from partners. All the belts show wear and have a history. The belts are sorted by size, color, and style before being cleaned and processed for application on panels. Available in black, brown, or multi-color, the Phoenix belt panels make a whimsical and gorgeous statement. EcoDomo Phoenix panels are made to size on a solid MDF or flexible substrate. Our maximum size is 4' x 8' x 3/4". 

You can use the belt panels for: • Feature walls• Doors• Greeting stands• Wall covering or accent pieces• Benches

We will be glad to work with your team to ensure the best application, value, and ease of installation for your project. Please make sure to specify vertical or horizontal orientation of the belts in your drawings. Installation is easy and similar to acoustic panels.

Made in the USA of re-purposed, used belts.

Architectural Specifications PDF

Panel Installation Guide PDF